Estate Planning

Planning for the future is critical. It is a common misconception that our family members know of our wishes and that those wishes will be honored. Having the appropriate documents in place helps with the stress placed upon your agent with having to make decisions on your behalf, it allows your wishes to be carried out, and can also prevent your estate from Probate Court.

Divorce & Legal Separation

While we never plan on a dissolution of marriage or a legal separation, sometimes it is the only option. In some cases the parties are amicable and able to reach an agreement on the issues while other cases are far more complex. The slightest error in your documents could cause irreparable damage to your case or result in a ruling which is not in your favor.


Paternity, Modification & Enforcement

Having a court order in place provides the parties with an offical order from the court as to the parenting time schedule, legal decision-making and child support. Once you have an order in place the terms in that order must be followed and can be enforced.Additionally, you can modify those terms should circumstances change after entry of the order.

Business Incorporation

Starting a new business is exciting! The process can be somewhat confusing and errors can cause significant delays. You definitley do not want to run into these issues upon starting you new endeavor.


Misc. Services

We also offer assistance with drafting misceallenous documents as business contracts, discovery requests, premarital agreements, guardianship/conservatorship, pretrial statements, Quit Claim Deed, etc.