Kristi Toppin is certified by the Supreme Court as a Certified Legal Document Preparer. She is also a Certified Paralegal. Kristi has over sixteen years of legal experience and is contstanly expanding her knowledge.

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We over exceed our requirement to attend Continued Legal Education so that we are always up to date with court procedures and ever changing laws.


We strive to deliver excellence. Our testimonials from our client's speak volume as to our dedication and attention to your needs.

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Helping you every step of the way.

The legal process can be very confusing, overwhelming and expensive. Hiring a Certified Legal Document Preparer is a cost-effective alternative to retaining an attorney.

What is a Certified Legal Document Preparer? Any individual who prepares legal documents without the supervision of an attorney must be certified. This means that the individual must sit for and pass an examination given by the Supreme Court. A Certified Legal Document Preparer can provide document preparation assistance and services to any individual or entity not represented by an attorney in Arizona.

Some cases are complex and require the assistance of an attorney while others do not. Having a Certified Legal Document Preparer assist you is a cost-effective alternative to retaining an attorney.